Fall Is In The Air!

Fall Is In The Air!

Fall Is In The Air!

It’s September and Autumn officially begins this coming Saturday!

I’m so excited! Fall means apples, pumpkins, cool air, leaves changing and Halloween!

Yes! I am grown and I love Halloween! I still get dressed up and either go trick-or-treating with my youngest daughter or I stay home and hand out candy. Either way, it’s still a lot of fun! I am still deciding what or who I want to be this year. Until I figure that out, I will be giving ideas that I think could be cute.


Pumpkins! I have a lot of pumpkin decorating ideas! Most of the ideas I have are pretty simple and I can’t wait to share them with you! Some of my favorite decorations for fall include Mums, pumpkins, hay bales, apples and scarecrows. Most of the time, we stick to the “cute” Halloween decorations, but I will show you some scary ideas too!

Fall is also when I start making some pretty cool recipes! I love baking and cooking! Get ready to break out the warm sweats and make cookies and great dinners! Some of my favorites include roasted chicken, baked ziti and cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream! Fall is time for down-home cooking!!

I can’t wait to “get my fall on” and show you guys some fun ideas!!

My new blogs will start over the next couple days. I have to make some stuff, take pics and share it that way. Until then, check out my past posts and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any where else you can think of! Thanks!!

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